Winter please go away!

I can't believe tomorrow is actually spring.. And here in Lithuania we have -18. Brr that is cold. But anyway, don't let the cold anoy our good mood and beautiful pictures. Let's enjoy life!  xoxo, Kamile



Although it is 4 hours till new years, but I wanted to post this now. Because now it is the perfect time, and i have an inspiration. I want that you, yeah you, just take a paper or just write in your computer the resolutions for 2018. It's really helpful to achieve your goals.  And... Continue Reading →

How to stay possitive in life?

Hi, today I will show you 6 ways how to stay possitive in life or in school.  So take a notes and start writing! 1. Get a good night's sleep. Students should get at least nine hours of sleep each night. However, it's hard to maintain those good sleep habits. Set a bedtime routine, and... Continue Reading →

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